Part I

Information Gadget collects and controls


What information does Gadget collect?

Everything we collect is for a legitimate business purpose to deliver our services.  Gadget will capture and store (a) information your or your users provide about themselves in the standard course of using our Services (b) information that Gadget collects automatically, or (c) information that Gadget has obtained from a third party.


Information that we collect automatically

Data from browsers, computers, phones, tablets, wearables and servers – If you visit our websites, we typically capture information from your use of these, including but not limited to your browser type, time zone, data and time accessed, IP address, OS, mobile phone information, or referring URL.  This information helps us with insights into who visits our websites and uses our products.

Data from first party cookies and tracking methods – While not for every experience, Gadget may deploy cookies (temporary or permanent) to help us understand who uses our services and to improve their experiences. We may insert identifiers in our iOS or Android app clients to enable tracking of how you use content via those apps.  We also use technologies to identify visitor and how they navigate our website, develop insights into how well our email campaign work and select certain visitors or users for specific engagement.   Certain features on our websites may leverage first-party Local Storage Objects (LSOs) to store preferences for specific features.

Metrics from application logs and analytics from mobile – For insights into how your business uses our products and how to improve them, we gather data about your use of our services and mobile applications from their application logs.  The data can be features, scrolls, touches, swipes, clicks, time of day, cumulative time used, location, storage, settings, and devices.


Information that you provide us

Your Interactions with Gadget – If you interact with us with email, chat, or telephone to work with our sales and customer support teams, or to discuss your invoices, we may capture some or all of that information in order to help improve our interactions you or other customers.

Account creation – When you use Gadget to access our services, we may request   your email address, company name or other information about your role where you work in order to give you secure access to your organization’s content. You may be required to choose a unique username and a password for accessing the created account.  Should your organization request you to do so, you may also register a time zone and preferred language. After signing up, you may have the option selecting answers to security questions which will never be used for any other purpose than resetting passwords.

Webinars, Demos, or Online Forms – If you register for any of our events, like seminars, demos, or webinars, we store that information in order to stay in touch with you, with your permission, or enable subsequent customer support, or know that you have contacted Gadget previously for any other purpose.

Your thoughts on our products – You may authorize us to share your testimonials about our Services which we may include your name and other personal information about your workplace. We will never do so without your permission and will delete it at your direction which you can provide by emailing us at


Data that we gather from third parties

Referrals– If someone has referred any of our products or services to you through any of our referral programs, that person may have provided us your name, email address and other personal information. You may contact us us at to request that we remove your information from our database. If you provide us information about another person, or if another person gives us your information, we will only use that information for the specific reason for which it was provided to us.

Information from our marketing or referral partners – Our partners may give us your name, email, company or other information if you register for or attend a marketing or informational event.  Gadget also uses anything you provide to review sites about our services to help us understand effectiveness of our products or marketing efforts.

Social Media Sites – If you interact with Gadget on social media sites such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and others by posting, commenting, or others, we may collect publicly available information about your profile to help us improve how we communicate with you, or improve our products.  We may keep this information even if you delete it from the social media sites

The legal foundation for how we collect information

For people from the European Economic Area, the majority of the information we gather is based on contractual requirements, appropriate interests, which we will explain to you upon request, of Gadget or a third party that is not overruled by your protection rights, or your consent.  Where your consent is the basis for our collection of information, you always have the option to rescind your consent at any time.

Purposes for using information

For clarity, we want you to know that Gadget may also use the information outlined above to update you on this Privacy Policy, our products, our Terms and Conditions, or other notices.

We will use your information to assist in providing customer support and measuring our results in delivering support to you.   We may also use the information for promotions, events, or to solicit your participation in surveys

Opt-out options for you

You may request we not send you non-essential information by using the ‘unsubscribe’ function included such communications and disable cookies before navigating our website.

Who receives the information described in Part One

Gadget do not sell any personal information no matter how it is collected.  This Privacy Policy outlines the only ways, and with whom, we share your information.  We also require any information recipient to deploy equivalent confidentiality and or security actions.

Gadget Employees and or our contractors may access Part One information in ways that are driven by how they perform their jobs.   Everyone who receives information for us must adhere to this Privacy Policy.

Third parties who partner with us for marketing, events, payments, or analytics may receive your personal information and aggregated or de-identified information as necessary to provide their services to Gadget.   You will always can opt-out of these services.

Seven rights you have regarding how we hold your information

For people from the European Economic Area (EEA), your rights about the information Gadget holds about you are listed below, but at Gadget we work to ensure these same rights irrespective of your country of residence.

Right to access –  Upon your request we will provide you (and a copy if stipulated by law) with the types of personal information we collect, store and use about you, to include where it originated, time and purpose of processing, and with whom it is shared.

Right to rectification – It is our obligation to you to update what we hold about you and to correct any inaccuracies, or, add additional information which may ask us to include.

Right to erasure – It is our obligation to remove and delete your personal information when it is no longer needed to continue its original purpose.

Right to restriction of processing –  In certain situations, including when you object to how we are using your data but we are researching whether there is an overriding need or not, it is our obligation to restrict the use of that information until our evaluation is resolved.

Right to data portability – It is our obligation to move your information in the appropriate structured, machine readable format when your consent requires us to do so.

Right to object – It is our obligation to ensure we capture your objection to the use of your personal information, including for direct marketing efforts.

Right to complain – It is our obligation to assist you in learning how to bring any issue or concern to the relevant regulatory authority when such authorities are available.

Retention of information

Gadget holds onto your personal information as required to meet the purposes stated in this Privacy Policy. In cases where required by law, to combat abuse, or in connection with a legal obligation or proceeding, or tax matters, we will hold your information as well.  When those requirements end and we no longer need your information, Gadget will delete it or make it anonymous within our data storage, including isolating it on any back up storage devices.


Part II – Information that Gadget processes on your behalf


Information you entrust to Gadget

Your organization will trust Gadget to process information that you create and control in order to use our services. This includes the content we transform from unstructured reference content to structured topic data records, but also details on your organization’s customers and/ or employees (if you are a controller). The information will either be maintained on services from our authorized cloud infrastructure partner, or on occasion transmitted across data networks.

Information from mobile devices – If allowed by the individual and their organizations, our live client iOS and Android applications may now or in the future have access to the camera, call history, contact information, photo library, and other information stored on your mobile device. Your use of our application may require this sort of access in order to implement our full services suite.

In the same fashion when allowed, our applications may also collect location-based information in order to provide certain features and functionality within our mobile app clients or desktop computer usage. It is your choice to enable or disable Gadget’s access to this information at any time by altering your device settings. All such data which is accessible by the Gadget mobile apps will be moved and stored with your organizations storage as required to deliver the corresponding services (in which case the data will be stored on our servers) or products (in which case the data will remain with you unless you share it with us).  We call all the information you trust Gadget to use to deliver services “Service Data.”


Ownership and control of your Service Data

Gadget conducts all our services recognizing that you own your Service Data. You have total control of your Service Data as we deliver the ability for you to access your Service Data, share your Service Data via third-party integrations, and notify us of your desire to export or delete your Service Data.


Who we share Service Data with

Employees and independent contractors – We may provide access to your Service Data to our employees and individuals who are independent contractors of Gadget group entities involved in providing the services (collectively our “employees”) so that they can (i) identify, analyze and resolve errors.

Service Data is restricted to specific individuals. Gadget support or content engineering employees will also work directly with the information you provide us to provide technical support or to import data into our products or services.  All such employees are trained in the details of this Privacy Policy.

Collaborators and other users – Using Gadget’s Services may promote your collaboration with other Gadget users or third parties.  This collaboration may make it possible for other collaborators to become aware of some of your profile information or how you have used the content within our Service Data.

Gadget Content embedded into other Applications – Gadget’s Services Data is easily integrated with third-party products and services. In doing so, you may enable those third parties to access your Services Data.  Gadget recommends you review the privacy policies of these third parties before you work with them.

Retention of information

Gadget maintains storage of your content and Services Data while you remain a Gadget paying customer.  Upon your termination of Gadget Services, your content and services data will be deleted, presently within 6 months of your termination of services.  Your Services Data will be deleted from backup files within an additional 3 months.

Requests to access data

If you are from the European Economic Area and you believe that we store, use or process your information on behalf of one of our customers, please contact the customer if you would like to access, rectify, erase, restrict or object to processing, or export your personal data. We will extend our support to our customer in responding to your request within a reasonable time frame.


Part III – General Matters

Children’s personal information

Gadget does not make any effort to promote the use of our software to any individuals under 16 years of age.   We accordingly never intentionally collect personal information from children under the age of 16. If we suspect, or it becomes clear that such an occurrence has taken place, we will act as required to remove any personal collected from children under 16.  If you become or aware, or suspect that a child under 16 years has somehow had their personal information come into our systems, notify us at so that we may take appropriate removal actions.

Regulatory Oversight of How we Manage your Information or Services Data

On occasion, Gadget may be subject to regulatory or legal processes which require us to hold or even share your personal information or usage metrics to facilitate compliance with government requests, especially those required in matters of national security.

Notification of changes

We retain the right to modify this Privacy Policy at any time and will advise you by sending email to the address you provide us for this purpose.  If the changes are significant, we will advise you at least 30 days in advance of the changes effective date. In such cases of significant changes, you may end your use of the Services notifying Gadget via email within 30 days receiving your notification of such changes. We will not notify you of minor changes to this policy. If You do continue using the Service we will consider that you have agreed to the modified terms of this agreement.   We suggest you check back at our website section on privacy to monitor for changes.

Enforcement of our rights

Gadget may share your information and service usage metrics with other parties if we are in good faith working to prevent illegal activity, protecting our users safety, or enforcing our range of working agreements or policies.

Not Track (DNT) requests

Because at present there are no standards governing the actions for reacting to those internet browsers that issue Do Not Track signals, Gadget does not implement any method of responding to those types of signals.

Changes in how our business is structured or its ownership

If Gadget is sold or we merge with other entities, these commitments to privacy will be sustained in full through the new organization that results. You will be informed through email, or public notice of these changes as well as your options in response.

Data processing addendum

Gadget will execute a Data Processing Addendum in order to ensure your compliance with your obligations under the General Data Protection Regulation.  We will do so based on the Standard Contractual Clauses.