Gadget Software Free Trial – Painless & Worthwhile

Deploying a fully functioning set of content for a Gadget trial requires no technical resource and no training.  You can verify ROI on a valid use case in 30 days, with zero changes to your existing documents and systems.

At no cost, we will transform documents you submit to us and then securely store them as topic data records for you to access for 30 days.  Your audiences can read and use your content from any web browser, our iOS/Android Apps, or your App via calls to each topic’s individual URL.

Depending on trial details, we’ll also show you how standard analytics tools like Microsoft Power BI can work with your new topic data to analyze both topic contents and reader usage metrics.

Does Gadget provide someone to work with us for the trial?

Yes, you’ll be supported by a Customer Success Representative (CSR) for your trial period.  They will email you to establish communications and arrange for defining your trial program specifics which will include content, users, use cases, and success criteria.

How do we submit content for use in the trial?

After you and your CSR have defined your trial specifics, your CSR will determine which of our simple processes for submitting your content works best for you.

May we add more content during the trial, or modify content Gadget has already transformed?

While both of those are situations are usually a good sign of success, and Gadget will make every effort to do so, we do have to specifically review and approve additional content for any trial.

Do we need to have someone specifically assigned from our side?

Yes, in order to be a successful experience someone on your side needs to own the trial process and be our primary contact point.  They need to be familiar with the content and the processes of how it is today used within your organization as well as available by the same or next business day in general.

How much content can we submit for use in the trial?

There is no fixed limitation on content quantity and every customer is different, but in general we expect to convert 1-2 ‘manuals’ of  up to 50 pages, accompanied by as many as 10-20 similar data sheets, install guides, etc. that can range from 1 to 4 pages.  Our goal is for you to experience enough content to meet a defined success goal while keeping the process manageable on both sides.

What happens if we do not decide to purchase?

You can simply let us know at any time before the 30 days, or up to 5 days after that you don’t wish to continue with Gadget, and we will delete all your content and close your account.  As a means of improving our process, we will request a conversation or email describing your decision.

What analytics tools can we use during the trial?

Gadget’s data records and reader usage metrics are all compatible with virtually every BI and Analytics software tool on the market, including MS Excel or Google Sheets.  We also have a growing functionality within Gadget as well.

We already have our own iOS and/or Android App in the stores – is there a way to link our new content to the app?

In general, if you are embedding any content via a URL to any PDF, it is straightforward and reliable to exchange the URL from that of the PDF to that of the Gadget ADX Format content as a means of experiencing Gadget with your existing app framework.

Our website has a dedicated section to distribute PDFs to our audience – can we put Gadget ADX Format content (vPub™) on our website?

Again, in general, yes. Anywhere on your site you publish a link to a PDF document, you either a) place a “ADX” button to augment the PDF, or, utilize standard request access from a mobile device and automatically provide the ADX content without requiring the user to designate their device type first.

How will our readers see our new content in Gadget’s ADX format in the trial?

Your content may be used by your readers who either directly requesting access via call to a URL which you publish or who download, install and use our ADX Demo application from either the Android or iOS app stores. Additionally, you may call a topic level ADX data record from an application which you either license or subscribe to (requiring the assistance of that application developer) or an application which you have created yourself for your own proprietary use.

Are there terms and conditions we can read that cover the trial process?

Yes, they are available here for your review and are considered in effect once you have requested a trial and received transformed content for your use.

Who owns the information we submit and that is created by analysis and or reader user metrics?

You own all your content information, all analytics results, and all usage metrics created within the trial.  Gadget may analyze and capture usage statistics and/or aggregate those statistics across all our users (not individual customers) to assist us in improving product in response to our customer’s needs.  Gadget will never sell your data or allow any other entity to analyze your usage and results on an individual basis.

Do all types of document content work equally well with Gadget?

No, not all documents are equally suited for Gadget’s transformation.  In general, any text-centric documents are a good fit.  Any documents that contain tables and images, even on every page, are also likely to benefit.  Those created with PowerPoint (or other slideware), or blueprints and schematics are less likely to benefit from transformation.  Those that are strictly tabular in format, with little supporting or descriptive text are also less likely to benefit.

Are there any restrictions on the languages that Gadget can work with?

No, Gadget works with any language which supports standard UTF-8-character sets.

Can we embed video content into documents which have been turned into data?

Yes, if available from YouTube, any video content is easily embedded into transformed content via multiple methods.

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